Spring Energised Seals

WM Seals specialise in the manufacture and supply of spring energised seals.

Spring Energised seals are single acting seals used for dynamic and static applications.

They are widely used due to their effectiveness in a wide range of applications.

Often these seals will be chosen when a higher resistance to chemical media, ability to operate in extreme temperatures and where good compression characteristics are needed.

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How They Work

  • Every Seal has the same operating principle, differing only in their profile form and type of metallic spring used.
  • The spring supplies the load required for sealing at low pressures.
  • The spring allows fluid pressure to energise the sealing lips, so total sealing pressure rises with increasing Spring Force.

Improving Performance in Hydraulic Applications

Spring Energised Seals offer major benefits in the design of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, across all industries.

They’re available in a wide range of geometries and design that allow the optimum profile to be selected for each application. These include:

  • Excellent Leak Tightness

  • High Resistance to Wear

  • No Extrusion into Gaps

  • Simple Installation

  • Withstanding Aggressive and Abrasive Media

  • Very Good Temperature Capabilities

  • Low Friction

  • Compact Form

Design Characteristics

Spring Energised Seals are able to be produced from a range of PTFE based compounds, but can also be manufactured in polyethene-based material.

We formulate our Seals with superior characteristics to meet your specific sealing requirements.

Spring Energised Seals have three main design characteristics:

  1. Application specific U-shaped seal profile
  2. Spring geometry suited to the particular application
  3. Proven high-performance polymers

Standard products are available from 2 mm up to 2500 mm (8′ 2″) in diameter along with custom Manufactured intermediate sizes, inch (imperial) sizes or special geometries.

Why Choose Spring Energised Seals?


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